Our Horses

Feb 19, 2015 171

The horses used for rides from Catalonia Trails are well schooled pure or crossbred Andalucian. They have all been carefully chosen and most are between 14.2hh (150cm) and 16hh (165cm) and are of a medium build. They are sure footed, fit, forward going, responsive to ride and well adapted to the requirements of the sometimes rough terrain. The horses are all trained using natural horsemanship techniques which helps to create an enthusiastic, good natured horse that is keen to collaborate with its rider, and really enjoys its work.
Tack is English style and most horses are ridden in snaffles. We use trekking saddles for the trails and English saddles for the lessons. If you want a western saddle, contact us. Saddle bags are provided to carry items required during the day and for picnic lunches