Besalú & Lake 2019

Oct 31, 2018

“Short beak to enjoy the Catalan landscape and culture”

5 days / 4 nights - 120 kms - 4/6 hours x 4 days riding


Four full days, for riders who want to enjoy their free time in nature, through the interior of Catalonia. On horseback through plains, forests and near the largest lake...

Four full days, for riders who want to enjoy their free time in nature, through the interior of Catalonia. On horseback through plains, forests and near the largest lake of the region. The route will take us through the regions of “Plà de l'Estany”, “Garrotxa” and “Alt Empordà” with gentle gallops, combining nights in Besalú and Banyoles, where we can enjoy a certain nightlife..

Vilafreser – Banyoles - Besalú - Vilafreser
Year 2019 : 19-23 June, 24-28 July

In the evening upon your arrival in the country cottage of Can Grau, situated deep in the heart of the Empordá countryside. Crops and forests around with the horses in semi freedom state, it is really a special place for riders! The Catalonia Horse Trails team will welcome you and during the dinner we will present the program and talk about the special characteristics of our Andalucian and crossed Hispano Arabian horses, suitable for all types of terrain. You will have the oportunity of a personalized one-to-one conversation with the team manager to find to every rider their ideal horse. Then, we can enjoy a good and lively dinner!


After breakfast, we will prepare the horses, to leave Can Grau through paths surrounded by Mediterranean forest. Between mountain trails, we will trot through fields and meadows. We will pass by the Romanesque bridge over the river Terri and the walled villages of Ravòs and Palol de Reverdit where we will have our picnic of the day. On our way we will find rural houses and old churches, all surrounded by olive groves and cereal fields. Once in Banyoles, we will spend the night in a comfortable hotel, special for athletes and very close to the lake.

Besalú is a medieval walled town, antic capital, located between two rivers. Amazing place with its squares with terraces to rest and to taste tapas, its buildings with carved stone pillars and frescoes and dark alleys, arches and lintels. The atmosphere of this ancient medieval village is unique and its spectacular bridge, a marvel of Romanic architecture. The trail runs through forests and meadows, where we will have a spectacular view over the lake of Banyoles when we will climb on the bordering sierra. We will have picnic in a curve of the River Ser. Once in Besalú, we will stay at the pleasant Hotel Los Jardines de la Martana


From Besalú and by different roads, we will go to Masia la Palma where we will spend the night.
We are going to start our route going down, this time, to Alt Empordà. Despite being a prosperous area, it retains the traditional rural and popular way of life. The small roads and tracks are not asphalted, so it is an unlimited combination of paths to explore. Every hour we pass another beautiful village, castle, church, arches, tunnels, old wooden doors with wrought iron knockers. We will make our daily picnic in the shade of a large old tree in María's house, with a spectacular view over the river Fluviá, to continue our way to our accommodation, where we have the possibility of a massage or to enjoy a Spa for relax (optional)

Today is a nice day in the saddle, although it will be shorter as we must return to the civilization in the afternoon. Through meadows and narrows tracks we will run through Ollers, a small village in the middle of nature and we will have our picnic near the ruins of the Hermitage of San Baldiri. Finally, we will arrive to Can Grau where we will shower our horses and let them for a well-deserved rest in the wide fields of the farmhouse.
A lovely “by by” before leaving to the airport ... Adios amigos! We hope to see you again soon!



Masia Can Grau
Hotel l'Ast
Hotel La Martana
Hotel La Palma