Feb 26, 2015 814
ANABEL MARTIN - Trail Guide & Stabble manager

Over 10 years ago, in 2002, Anabel entered the professional equestrian world, peeked by her interest in natural horsemanship and a course she'd taken with Parelli Patt of Colorado and Robert Miller of California. She then took a two-year course in "Expert Care and Handling of the Horse" at the Agricultural Equestrian Training School of the Catalonian Government.

In 2004 she obtained the "A.B.R.S. Association of British Riding Schools Certificate", in 2007 the "Formation Attelage" title at the French equestrian centre Camp de Loste in Montesquieu de les Alberes. She went on to complete the Equestrian Sport Monitor Level I course at the Agricultural Equestrian Training School, followed by the Equestrian Sport Monitor Level II course in 2011, specializing in guidance, endurance and equestrian tourism. She has been in charge of the Hípic de Sant Fruitós de Bages riding school since 2007, giving classes and conducting outrides, as well as caring for the horses stabled there. She has an Animal Welfare certificate as well as a lifeguard license and a DEA license issued by the Red Cross. She is a Riding Examiner, recognized by the Spanish Equestrian Federation for obtaining official riding levels. Anabel speaks Catalan and Spanish and basic German and English. She will be your guide on the Royal Path Trail, a cultural and gastronomic tour on horseback along the beautiful unspoiled countryside of the Barcelona province.