Feb 26, 2015 885
MARIA BOUZA - Trail Guide & Trail assistance

Maria was surrounded by horses from a young age and became especially fond of dressage, which she has been practicing ever since. Though her most enjoyable moments were on outrides, going on routes...

and enjoying nature. She started working with horses 8 years ago, as an assistant in a riding school. Feeling determined to teach her knowledge to keen learners, she then started working as a teacher, and has been doing so for the last 5 years, as well as lead-ing short and mid-range routes. She has the Rider Coaching Qualification under the Spanish Equestrian Federa-tion, which allows her to work as a teacher or guide. Born in Catalonia, she has a degree in Environmental Sciences, and a master in Ecological Agriculture at the University of Barcelona. She speaks perfect Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese and English.