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Rider preparation

Weekly Trails 
As with all our rides, to participate in these trips you must be a reasonably competent rider. You should be well balanced, comfortable and secure in the saddle and able to control a well-schooled horse outside at all paces. Riders are expected to be able to cope with a variety of different going and different types of terrain. All the rides are aimed at reasonably capable riders, who are also fairly fit and riding regularly, and participants are expected to ride regularly in the months before they go to ensure they can cope with the hours in the saddle. There are also places on the rides where you will need to dismount and lead your horse for a short way - if the ground gets rough or steep, and for a short time to warm the horses up and cool them down each day. Riders are expected to groom and tack up their own horse each day in preparation for rides. You’ll change accommodation every day, consult the routes description for locations. 

Discovery and Happy Weekend 
For this trail you should be confident at all paces and already have an experience of trail riding. A good general physical condition will help you to appreciate these Catalan trails. Every day, we are approximately five hours in the saddle. At Discovery and Happy Weekend trails, you’ll turn back at Can Sort (or Hotel Camprodon) every day, where your horses are living..


• We allow accompanied children older than fourteen.
• Non accompanied children are welcoming by their own from sixteen on Discovery and Happy Weekend
• wearing a helmet is compulsary for those under eighteen, but is strongly recomanded for everybody and riding without hamlet is exclusive rider responsability.
• Maximum weight: 90 kg/200 lbs.
• Groups maximum : Trails 11 people exept Royal Path 8 people

Clothing and Equipment

We recommend wearing jodhpurs, as these protect your legs from soreness, and you will find a light-weight, cotton pair, more comfortable during the summer months. You may need two pairs if you are on one of the longer rides. 
Your riding boots should have a sole with tread and be comfortable for walking, as you are certain to lead your horse on some occasions. Jodhpur boots and half-chaps are a more flexible combination for comfort and leg protection than long riding boots. 
A long-sleeved shirt is recommended for protection against the sun and against scratches when riding through undergrowth. 
Lightweight riding gloves are useful, as is a "bum bag" to contain your camera and any other items you may need during your ride. 
We strongly recommend taking a water-bottle, especially on trail-rides that can be refilled en-route; these can be carried in the saddle-bags provided. 
A light cotton scarf can help to avoid breathing in too much dust in dry areas.
Bring sunglasses, also to protect your eyes from dust.
Sun cream and lip balm are also recommended.
It is essential that you bring good wet weather gear. Although it rains very little, when it does it is normally a heavy downpour, consequently a jacket or cape and waterproof trousers are a good idea.
Last, but not least: do not forget your bathing suit!